Durham Companions

is a non-profit organization that provides mentors for young people ages 6 – 17, who have made poor choices in their lives. The program’s goal is to try to brighten the future of these young men and women, by giving them a consistent and positive relationship with an adult. Our youth desperately need the love and attention that a mentor can offer. We have seen tremendous results with thousands of extremely grateful kids and young adults throughout the years.

From Our Members:

Here are some stories from a few of our largest corporate backers:

  • “I am definitely grateful that I was recommended by a friend to check out Durham Companions. Running a dumpster rental company over the years have afforded me the opportunity to hire and work with kids on the job, giving them something productive to do. Most of these kids just need a little structure and a push in the right direction, and almost all of them have been able to get their lived back on track. It’s also given me more purpose in life.” Robert Z. CEO of Beach Cans Dumpster Rental
  • “I couldn’t more highly recommend this program to anyone interested. Durham Companions has been a large part of my life over the last few years, and I’d say I’ve definitely received more from the kids than I’ve ever put in. I’ve urged many friends and family to get involved and every single one of them is grateful that they finally gave in to my nagging.” Timothy P.

Durham Companions has been serving the Durham community for over 20 years. It is a part of the state wide Governor’s One-On-One Volunteer Program established by Governor James B. Hunt in 1982. The program recruits, screens, and trains local citizens to serve as mentors.

Volunteer training sessions will be held soon. Please call for further information.